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    As much as we would like to help every poor village schools, we face the sad moment when we have to tell a qualified school or community center, “Sorry, we cannot help you because we don’t have the means.”

    Fortunately, we know there are people out there who want to make a difference in the world. Individuals and groups can affect positive change in rural Africa by donating or fundraising to support EVCO’s programs. Any amount helps toward development of Technology Centers and our Farming Institute.


    Support Technology Programs

    $25 provides computer accessories to support a computer lab

    $50 provides a tablet with e-books in a networked computer lab

    $240 puts a desktop computer in a classroom

    $2400 will build a basic school 10-desktop computer lab

    $5000 will build a school computer lab with a generator in an area without electricity

    Support Farming Programs

    $40 buys a durable beekeeping box for a farmer

    $50 provides starter chickens or rabbits for a farmer

    $100 provides starter goats or sheep for a farmer

    $480 provides training and starter livestock for a farmer

    How to Help

    Individual Donations. Individuals who wish to support computer lab programs or help a family pull itself out of poverty can click here or on our “Go Fund Me” button to get started. Whatever amount you can give will make a difference.

    Collaboration. EVCO receives an average of 80 applications each year throughout Africa. Some of the applications are from countries where we do not yet operate. About 40 of the applications come from Liberia and Ghana, the two countries where we have done most of our work. With our current funding levels, we are able to donate an average of five computer labs per year. This means that our waiting list has been getting longer. The average wait time is about two years.

    Many groups, like churches, fraternities, NGOs, etc. work with various villages in Africa but do not have expertise in setting up and maintaining computer labs. We can assist such groups with setting up schools or community centers for villages they support. If a group raises funds to build a computer lab, we are happy to install and support it.  This means that the recipient school or community can bypass our long waiting list.

    Honorary Donations. Individuals can donate on behalf of an individual or group, offering a gift that will give village children a better future for years to come. In the case of computer lab, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous, a plaque displaying the name of the donor or honoree will hang prominently in the lab. To support the Poverty Eradication Program, donors can support training of local farmers on one or more of the eight livestock programs plus beekeeping. The cost of helping one poor farmer and family, including training and a grant to set them on a path to sustainable future is $480.

    There is a lot of work to be done to make the world a better place. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who is committed to helping us support education and poverty reduction in Africa.

    Make a Difference Today

    Click the button below to give a one-time dollar amount of your choosing through PayPal.

    You may also choose to give monthly. Choose the monthly donation value from the drop down menu below, then select the “Subscribe” button. Please contact us if you would like to donate a different amount monthly. You are able to cancel your subscription at anytime through your PayPal account. Thank you for your generous support!