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    How to Apply for EVCO Computer Lab Donation

    Please read the information below and submit your application to be considered for EVCO donated computer lab. Application should include the name of town/village, address, short history of the school or community library, the number of people (boys and girls) that would benefit from the computer lab and how would having a computer lab make a positive difference in your school or community. Please send email and attach your application to: sowusu@evcoAfrica.org

    On an average, EVCO donates 4 computer labs per year to poor village schools and community centers every year. We currently work in Ghana and Liberia (West Africa). We offer consultations to institutions in other African countries and collaborate with NGOs in the two countries for computer labs and other ICT related matters.  Each lab that EVCO donates contains 10-15 desktop computers based on the size of the computer lab and also population of the school. Priority is given to village schools, schools with no computers at all and cluster schools. A teacher from the school, member of the school’s PTA, Chief of the village/town or an individual passionate about the said school can apply. We also donate to community centers and community libraries.

    EVCO’s computer donation program is quite different from other organizations because EVCO does not just donate computers. We setup a computer lab followed by a donation ceremony and a computer demonstration/workshop. After a computer lab is donated, EVCO provides software and hardware support for 3 calendar years. We also offer training for the ICT Teacher(s). The school’s ICT Teacher or person responsible for the lab (in a community library) become a member of EVCO ICT Teachers’ Platform where ICT and other computer related ideas, troubleshooting and important ICT information is shared among our 56 plus computer labs and their instructors across West Africa.

    To quality to receive EVCO desktop computers, the applicant would have the following items available before consideration, approval and a possible donation date is given. The verification process is usually done by supported photos or in certain cases if requested, EVCO Team member could visit the location for guidance or consultation.

    1. Electricity (generator, solar, wind)
    2. Secured room to be used as computer lab (need photo)
    3. Adequate electrical outlets
    4. Proper ventilation (ceiling fans are a plus)
    5. Desks and chairs capable of safely sustaining full-size desktop computers

    Final inspection is done two months before setup date. During this inspection, the lab should be fully ready (minus computers). EVCO reserves the rights to consider the readier school in our qualifying folder if a pre qualified school is not ready by the last inspection date.

    All EVCO donated computers are equipped with RACHEL educational software which is equivalent to twenty thousand books including maths, science, economics, agriculture, social studies, etc. RACHEL also contains over three thousand video tutorials of Science and Mathematics from first grade to university including research materials from notable institutions around the world.

    EVCO does not provide buildings, furniture, electricity or generators. We DO NOT donate to individuals, private or for-profit establishments.