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    EVCO’s Mission

    EVCO seeks to eradicate poverty by fostering community involvement and development through projects focused on computer literacy and sustainable farming.

    EVCO accomplishes its mission through the following activities:

    ♦ Partnering with communities to improve school facilities, develop computer literacy programs, and engage students and families in education.

    ♦ Providing rural farmers with coaching, training, and start-up micro-loans to raise small farm animals and sustainable crops.

    ♦ Creating economic opportunities in local communities to stem urban migration.

    Program Highlights

    Technology Centers — Since 2004, EVCO has installed and donated 34 computer labs. Twenty thousand school children each year – most of whom would not otherwise have access – use computers made available through EVCO’s programs.  Read More

    Farming Institute — “The goal of EVCO Farms is to train farmers who will go back to their various villages as entrepreneurs,” says EVCO Founder Seth Owusu. These farmers will then “create jobs and be an example for their communities.” Read More