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    EVCO seeks to affect positive change by facilitating computer literacy for school children in rural Ghana, Libera, Nigeria, and Egypt.  Since 2004, EVCO has installed and donated 34 computer labs. Twenty thousand school children each year – most of whom would not otherwise have access – use computers made available through EVCO’s programs.

    Additionally, EVCO is working toward opening a Farming Institute to help eradicate poverty and provide economic opportunities in rural villages.


    Seth Owusu, EVCO’ Founder

    When Seth Owusu was eight years old, a pair of Italian missionaries visited his school in remote Nkwabeng, a little town in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. He vividly recalls the Land Rover driving into town bearing strangers wearing white dresses and head kerchiefs. These foreigners carried with them with luxuries – paper, pencils, and crayons – which they gave the school children.

    “They were very friendly,” remembers Seth. “Although we could not understand everything they said, no one could believe that we were receiving such great treatment.”

    While the missionaries’ simple lesson focused on teaching students to color and fold a piece of paper into a Christmas card, it was their kindness and desire to help the children that made a lasting impression.