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Shiensui Public School 4

We have installed and donated our first computer lab of 2016 to Shiensui Public School in Liberia. It was a somber donation ceremony, giving teachers, parents, and students hope towards a better educational future.

Shiensui Public School 5

This community suffered tremendously during the Ebola crises. All public places were shut down to stop the spread of the disease, including our two labs.

Shiensui Public School

Our recently installed computer lab at Shiensue Public School, our third lab in the country, includes computers equipped with RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) educational software. This software includes math and science video tutorials,  among many other resources, and is an equivalent to 20 thousand books. The educational content in RACHEL turns an ordinary computer lab into a resource center.

Shiensui Public School 1

These children had the time of their lives during the donation ceremony and PC workshop. As with many of ECVO’s labs, this lab is strategically placed to benefit — in addition to Shiensue Public School students — the surrounding villages that previously had no computer access.

Shiensui Public School 3

These children and community have suffered greatly during the last few years, and these efforts to help improve the education of these poor children is definitely a step in the right direction. We are hoping to donate one more lab in Liberia before the end of the year.

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